About Us

TULPAR WOGI FOOD was established with the ideas, connections and determination of two members: Murat YILDIRIM, who has more than 25 years of experience in food export; Hakan YILDIRIM , who has been working in the Food and Market industry for over 20 years , has a good understanding of Turkish , Indian and Vietnamese rice as well as the international Food market . We always strive to be the best food brand in terms of quality in the region, which represents the prestige and pride of Turkey and Vietnam in Turkey and also in the international market. For this reason, TWG FOOD is considered by many customers as a reliable and prestigious company. Currently, besides focusing on white rice products in the Asian market for long-term partners, TWG FOOD provides high quality Vietnamese rice and other food products to our customers in the EU, such as ST20, ST24, Lai KDM, SKO, NangHoa. As TWG FOOD company, our branch in Europe, nuts and dried fruit marketing and sales company TURKLAND KFT is located in Budapest, Hungary. However, whatever the type of market, TWG FOOD ensures that product quality comes first and customer satisfaction is our happiness and motivation. TWG FOOD never neglects its sales and after-sales service as well as the care we show for quality. Specifically, thanks to the feedback and suggestions of our customers in Europe, TWG FOOD paid more attention and actively listened to their needs, trying to improve service quality for a better customer experience. So far, TWG FOOD has received credibility and positive comments from customers. Finally, TWG FOOD would like to express our gratitude to our partners and customers who have connected, shared and collaborated with us. Also, TWG FOOD wishes success to all Vietnamese rice producers and suppliers.

Our products are fresh and approved by the Ministry of Health.

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